Jeremy Meltzer

Environmentally conscious entrepreneur and media personality.


Three years ago at 3am, Jeremy lay awake, wishing to find a way to make Yellingbo, his family’s olive oil business, more meaningful. He wanted to support women and girls’ development – an issue he’d cared about deeply since living in latin America in his early twenties.

Jeremy imagined a platform where Yellingbo would do the opposite of the airlines (and almost every business that engages customers in charity). Yellingbo would make the donation – a small amount with every sale – and customers could choose where it goes. The sun rose, and it still seemed like a good idea. As such a platform didn’t exist, Jeremy decided to build it.

Months later, a first (clunky) version was uploaded to Yellingbo’s site. The response from customers was unexpected and exciting. Sales increased. Customers engaged. Social media flowed. Jeremy wondered if this platform could be built into a larger solution, so other brands could plug in, give back, and receive the benefits of cause-related marketing.

He approached the shoe company, Nine West. They loved the idea. With a great launch partner, Jeremy gathered a team. They built and tested, refined and improved, and in mid 2015, i=Change launched.

Now, Nine West delights and surprises customers after every sale. They give back $1 from each sale via their i=Change Platform, and their customers get to choose where it goes. Customer can also track the impact live, to see in real time and with 100% transparency, the impact their purchase has made.

Current work

i=Change is now a highly innovative and fast-growing start-up, providing customers with an emotional experience after every sale, and retailers with a meaningful way to stand out. The team are fielding interest from some of Australia’s largest brands, including retailers in the US. i=Change has raised and donated over $125,000 (increasing every few seconds). This funds extraordinary projects that support women & girls around the world.

As a successful social entrepreneur and passionate advocate for the empowerment of women and girls, Jeremy has given a TED Talk, addressed the Australian, US and Indian media, and contributes to The Age newspaper.

Jeremy’s speaker topics include:

• Leadership & innovation: harnessing disruption & understanding what stays the same
• The business of giving back. Values, authenticity & the new consumer
• Idea. Execution. Growth. The start-up adventure
• Women and girls: unleashing the greatest drivers of growth this century.