Jimmy Poulos

Stylish, professional and prolific story teller.


A stylish, professional and prolific story teller, Jimmy Poulos has a brand of comedy that is exceptional and unique.

Jimmy’s audiences are besieged by his frenzied attack of hilarious jokes, toe-curling one liners, and merciless routines that touch on every subject: from growing up in the 1970s through to married life and relationships – anything and everything that’s subject to the wavering conditions of human nature!

Jimmy has joked his way from Cairns to Kalgoorlie, raising a laugh from everyone aged 16 to 60. He offers an act with good clean humour that will appeal to even the most politically correct souls. Jimmy’s special talent embraces his audiences with a welcoming atmosphere, inciting irrepressible laughter and leaving an unforgettable impression.

A master of the classic gag, Jimmy’s rapid fire delivery combined with his limitless energy, expert timing and endless stream of witticism, makes him a comedian with everlasting appeal.

Jimmy invites you to join him on the roller coaster ride that only he can provide: A guarantee of original twists and turns that leave you screeching with tears of laughter and positively exhausted!