John Fleming

Scared Weird Little Guy and highly experienced MC.


John Fleming is best known for his award-winning comedy career as part of the internationally acclaimed comedy group Scared Weird Little Guys.

Current work

John is a highly experienced solo presenter and performer with over two decades of acclaimed work on TV, radio, live shows and corporate work both in Australia and overseas. He has hosted on many stages including MCing the Melbourne International Arts Festival main stage at Federation Square stage in 2004, and the Moomba Birdman rally in 2010. He has also MCed many corporate events with the Scared Weird Little Guys.

As a host or MC John is a clear and accurate presenter with the smarts to fill or tighten where necessary to keep the flow and energy of a presentation right. He sings and plays guitar and piano giving him the ability to deliver a corporate message or get the point across in a fresh and meaningful way.

In an entertainment spot John presents a variety of musical styles tailored to the demographic of the audience even featuring adapted lyrics or original tailored songs if required. Spots can range from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes. Some incidental comedy could be part of what is a mainly musical show.

John can perform solo, however he also has access to small accompanying groups through medium sized rock bands all the way up to a full big band or orchestra, depending on the scale and budget of the event.

Previous experience

As part of the group John won numerous awards including an ARIA award and a Moe award. The Scaredies consistently delivered a reliable corporate product and, as they disbanded mid-2011, John has been evolving his new act.

John is also known for his highly successful James Taylor biography show.

What makes John Fleming stand out?

– John’s experience in liaising with event organisers and clients makes putting that aspect of the function together a breeze.
– John has enormous experience in reading a crowd, be it an intimate gathering or a large plenary session
– John has the ability to compose entirely original musical works for your event. Deliver a message or poke fun at an audience.
– John’s improvisation skills mean he is flexible and adaptive and his easy style makes the whole function run smoothly and efficiently.