Jon Dee

Founder and MD, Do Something! and founder, Planet Ark.


Jon Dee is an award-winning social entrepreneur, broadcaster and campaigner.

Current Work

Jon is currently the Energy Transition Leader at Arup Australia, where he works on renewable energy, pumped-hydro, battery storage, sustainability and hydrogen-related projects. In his push to increase corporate adoption of renewable energy, Jon is also the Coordinator for RE100 Australia, heading up the initiative in Australia.

His guidebooks, ‘Sustainable Growth’, ‘EnergyCut’ and ‘EnergySmart’, have shifted over 140,000 copies. Thanks to Government funding, his 2017 ‘EnergySmart’ book can be downloaded for free from

Jon is also the Managing Director of The DoSomething Foundation, a registered charity that he co-founded in 2007 with Pat Cash and Tina Jackson. The organisation seeks to bring about positive social and environmental change.

Jon is also the Global Director of One Tree Per Child, which he founded with Olivia Newton-John. Ambassadors, Supporters and Patrons of the initiative include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Lord Stern, Lord Hastings, Costa Georgiadis, Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall from River Cottage. Jon and Olivia launched it in Australia with help from Malcolm Turnbull, Greg Hunt and News Corp.

Jon gives keynote speeches, MC’s events and consults to major companies on efficiency, sustainability and change management in Australia as well as overseas.

Previous Experience

Media: On Sky News Business channel from July 2015 to November 2017, Jon researched, wrote and presented 115 episodes of ‘Smart Money’ – a live weekly TV program where he showed businesses how to become more innovative, efficient and sustainable.
Companies that Jon interviewed on his programme included Toyota, McDonald’s, KPMG, SABMiller, Coca-Cola, Westpac, PwC, LEGO, Qantas, BT, Tesla, Accenture, IKEA, M&S, News Corp, The Body Shop, Fujitsu, KFC, Mirvac, Marriott Hotels, Mars, Jaguar Land Rover, Sydney Opera House, Coles, Lion, Unilever and many others. In total, he wrote and presented over 700 different business sustainability news stories and interviews.

Philanthropy: As a philanthropist, Jon Dee co-founded Planet Ark with Pat Cash in 1991 and ran the organisation for its first 15 years. As Managing Director he initiated and oversaw the organisation’s highly successful initiatives and prime time TV advertising campaigns.

Jon and Olivia Newton-John founded Australia’s highly successful National Tree Day and fronted the event for the community planting of its first 10 million trees.

Producer & Director: Jon has produced and directed over 300 environmentally focused TV adverts and videos featuring Tom Cruise, Kylie Minogue, Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson, Greta Scacchi, Pierce Brosnan, Jeff Goldblum and many others.