Jules Allen

Leading Authority on Anxiety & Resilience


Jules Allen is a remarkable Australian with a truly moving story.

As a multi-Award-winning Social Scientist, Jules is guided by the philosophy that “your greatest adversity in life is your greatest gift,” Her address to TEDx Melbourne on ‘The key to resilience’ was met with tumultuous applause and a standing ovation.

Current Work:

For the past twenty-five years, she has worked in youth support, child protection, and International Aide, as a school counsellor, and in private practice for young people and families in crisis. Jules found herself on the front line of the mental health crisis during the COVID-19 working as a counsellor for families in crisis. Consequently, she is more convinced than ever that the most effective way to overcome anxiety is through the implementation of a pragmatic toolkit. Combining her knowledge as a Social Scientist with strategies backed by neuroscience, Jules believes she has designed a framework for overcoming anxiety that is practical and accessible for all.

Jules’s lived experiences of adversity are the backbone of her expertise in this field. Having experienced years of childhood sexual abuse and a family breakdown, Jules went on to become a youth at risk. Heavy drug and alcohol addiction led to poor decision-making and at 21 she was a young Mum in a domestic violence situation. Needless to say, anxiety and depression were constant companions as Jules navigated her way through this chaos.

Making the decision to be not defined by her experiences, Jules turned her adversity into an asset. She chose to care for 32 Foster children and is the proud Mother of 4 adult children, a blend of her own, fostered, and adopted. In 2013, prompted by a dare from her kids, Jules found herself as a contestant on MasterChef Australia. She went on to feature on an episode of the ABC’s Australian Story and The Project, as well as in major magazines such as New Idea, Women’s Weekly, and The Collective.

There is so much to admire about Jules Allen including her sheer determination to make a difference, her attitude in the face of extraordinary adversity, and her contagious positivity. As a Speaker, Jules is renowned for her capacity to engage her audience with warmth and humour while providing them with practical toolkits to tackle anxiety, increase resilience and reduce burnout. The wealth of knowledge she has gained both personally and professionally over the years provides sound leadership lessons for us all.


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