Karen Schmidt

Engaging leadership expert.


Karen Schmidt CSP is an engaging leadership expert who shows
current and budding leaders how to grow into engaging leaders.

She believes that being a great leader is like being a great gardener. Let her introduce your delegates to her workplace gardening philosophy as she leads them down the path of more engaging leadership.

Through her highly interactive presentations she gives audience members practical ideals on how not just to survive but to thrive at work.

She backs up her message with a range of resources that delegates can access after the event including her Budding Leaders Program.

Key audiences for her messages are: senior leaders looking to develop the next crop of engaging leaders; managers at all levels wanting to develop into leaders; and aspiring leaders of the future. For over seven years she has been spreading the seeds of her message by speaking at events large and small across all industry sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Along the way she has won awards, received positive testimonials and had the satisfaction of watching the people she works with grow as leaders.

If you’re organising an event you want speakers who: are experts in their field to help you attract registrations; listen to your needs and customise their content; and have the right combination of entertainment and information… you want Karen Schmidt CSP.

She knows that putting together an outstanding event takes a lot of hard work.

She’s even organised a few herself so she knows what it feels like to be in your position. Karen regularly presents at events large and small for professional associations, corporates, government, educational institutions and not for profits. Her mission is to help you make your event a success!

When you book Karen you can expect an engaging speaker who loves getting out and interacting with the audience. Her presentations offer lots of entertainment value as well as practical content delegates can use immediately including a range of follow up systems to keep the message alive long after the event.

She also loves to mix and mingle with delegates at meal times and networking sessions pre and post presentation.


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