Keith Stanley

CEO of Stella Travel Services.


Keith has had an extensive career in all aspects of sales and marketing, including a management trainee position with Harrods, a stint with catalogue warehouse distribution giant Argos Distribution, and a management career with IKEA Furniture which evolved into a national marketing role. Most recently with Flight Centre, Keith started in 1991 when the company had one brand in two countries and 120 shops. He guided their marketing discipline to see the company with multiple brands and thousands of shops around the world.

Current work

In October 2006 Keith joined Stella Resorts Group as General Manager Marketing. Keith was responsible for the effective execution of all sales, marketing and distribution strategies, operations and processes.

Keith’s role with Stella Resorts Group is on the senior executive team, where he leads all the sales, marketing and distribution disciplines for all brands and businesses within the group.

Keith is a board member of the Australian Marketing Institute and Chairman of it’s Advisory Committee responsible for the Marketing Metrics paper and working on the marketing toolbox.

A passion of chillis keeps the taste buds going and Bonsai ensures a marketer with patience and persistence.