Kerry Cue

The unbeatable power of humour.


Kerry Cue is a humourist, mathematician and journalist.

Current experience:

She is the author of 20 humorous and educational books. Her satirical novel, TARGET 91, is coming soon. You can contact her literary agent, Golvan Arts Management for more information.

You can see cliche-busting at work on Kerry’s maths blog, Mathspig. It is written for Maths teachers to show them how to make maths fun.

Previous experience:

Kerry is also the maths blogger, Mathspig. She has written columns for every major newspaper in Australia. Following the popularity of her humorous maths blog – over 1,300,000 hits – she spoke at the International Congress of Mathematical Education in Hamburg in 2016.

Kerry Cue studied Science/Engineering at Melbourne University and taught maths and science for 10 demanding years before becoming a best selling author of 20 humorous and education books including Life On a G-String, Australia Unbuttoned, I Left My Heart in Chinkapook and my knickers in New York and MeLand: 10 ways Self-Obsession Makes You Stupid. Kerry’s latest publication, a satirical novel on American Gun Culture, is being Culture being published by Penmore Press at the end of 2018 with another book due to be published in July 2019.


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