Lacey Filipich

Financial Educator, Speaker, Author, Founder and Chemical Engineer


Lacey Filipich helps people become financially independent and time rich.

She founded financial education business Money School in 2010 and continues to run it today.

Money School is also the title of her non-fiction book with Penguin. Lacey is a regular media commentator on all things money and her TEDx talk on the FIRE movement and mini-retirements is approaching one million views.

Lacey didn’t start out looking for a career in personal finance or education. She graduated as valedictorian from the University of Queensland with an Honours degree in Chemical Engineering. She then moved to Australia’s ‘wild west’ to begin her career in resources, rising quickly through the ranks on site.

Current Work:

In her mid 20’s, life threw Lacey a series of curveballs that made her question how she wanted to spend her time. Thanks to a solid financial education from her mum, Lacey had been saving half of every dollar earned since she was 10, started investing at 19 and was well on her way to financial independence when those curve balls inspired Lacey to redesign her life. She started taking mini-retirements, bringing part of her ‘end of life’ retirement into her youth in chunks of three to six months each. When friends asked how she could afford these big breaks from work, she learned they hadn’t been saving and investing – they’d been getting car loans and credit cards. Money School was born.
Lacey continued to invest in property and shares throughout her career, reaching the official point of financial independence – when income from your assets covers your living costs – at 31. Her passive income allows her to work as and when she wants – and helping people learn the skills they’ll need to become financially independent is top of her priority list.


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