Lachie Samuel

Making mental & emotional health mainstream


In 2017, after nearly ten years working FIFO shutdowns and construction, having already experienced his partner’s attempt to take her life due to the stress of his working away, Lachie Samuel lost two colleagues to suicide. He was also later evacuated from the site for mental health issues.

Since then, he has become one of the leaders in FIFO mental health, creating a top 10 mental health podcast, the FIFO Mental Health Summit and The Association for Mental Health in Mining.

In 2021, he won the ‘National Men Health Champion’ award for his work in FIFO mental health from the Australian Mens Health Forum, Australia’s peak body for men’s health.

In 2022, Lachie was named a LinkedIn Top Voice for Mental Health and, with that, decided to transition from consulting as the FIFO Mental Health Guy to creating FIFO Mental Health Group as the first step towards finding and building a team of people who are genuinely passionate about transforming mental health culture within mining.


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Breaking the stress circuit
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