Lachie Smart

Adventurer, World Record holder, average teen


At some stage in their lives, most people have fantasised about flying and many have dreamt about travelling the world alone. Few however have been bold enough to combine the two and believe they could fly solo around the earth; something that Lachie Smart has achieved at just 18 years of age.
The 8-week world flight took over two years to plan, requiring intense training, partnership development worth over half a million dollars and meticulous coordination of a global team.

Previous Experience:
In August 2016, Lachie returned from an epic around the world aviation adventure placing him in the Guinness Book of Records. After fighting huge storms through the Pacific, negotiating threats of arrest and risks of getting shot down, he is now the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a single engine aircraft at just 18 years of age. That is not where the story ends.

Current Work:
Since returning from the flight Lachie has lived and worked in both Australia and the USA, speaking on his experiences, whilst developing a medical manufacturing company to become market leading in its area. Lachie is also heavily involved in youth personal development as a leading keynote speaker in Australian National Young Leaders Days and regularly called in to present to large and small corporations on intergenerational management and young leadership development, just as he set out to prove over half a decade ago.
It is Lachie’s mission to prove to others that they too can overcome the challenges of high achievement from any age. Lachie is assisting people to go beyond, and to achieve more than they ever realised they could. From nearly being arrested to slipping through huge storms, audiences will enjoy Lachie’s thrilling stories from his adventures and leave feeling ready to take on the world.


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