Lawrence Money

One of Australia's most versatile journalists.


Lawrence Money was once sentenced to be hanged by the Victorian County Court. ‘Judge Fricke bought one of my paintings for his chambers,’ explains Lawrence, who is one of Australia’s most versatile journalists. From the humorous ‘In Black and White’ column in the old afternoon Herald newspaper to the infamous ‘Spy’ gossip column that ran for 16 years in the Sunday Age, Lawrence has interviewed everyone from Harrison Schmitt, the second-last man on the moon, to Joan and Dimitri, Melbourne’s last two lift drivers. ‘They all did pretty much the same thing,’ says Lawrence, ‘but Harrison just went a bit further.’

Current experience:
A popular after-dinner speaker and an articulate MC with a wry touch, Lawrence has been entertaining people from the lectern for over 30 years.

Previous experience:

Lawrence wrote his enduringly popular ‘Money’s Melbourne’ feature for The Age, both in print and online, and has twice been voted Victoria’s best columnist by the Melbourne Press Club. He has done years of radio, written six books, invented a top-selling board game and, since being appointed an Australia Day ambassador, has put the Aussie way of life under the microscope and discovered some hilarious secrets. ‘Nino Culotta was right,’ he says, ‘we are a weird mob.’

His book Amazing Aussie Bastards, a compendium of the stellar achievements of Aussie males who truly stand out from the crowd, from Prince Leonard of Hutt and Tim Jarvis to William Cooper and David Helfgott, was launched by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne.


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