Linda Clark

One of New Zealand's most respected journalists.


Linda Clark was one this country’s most respected journalists when in 2006 she decided to resign as host of National Radio’s Nine to Noon show to study law at Victoria University.

Linda is a highly sought after public speaker and an excellent MC who can think on her feet and deliver the successful outcome you desire for your event.

Current work

Since ending her media career, Linda’s communication skills, her insights into the media and her political nous have been sought by some of New Zealand’s leading corporates. She is a self confessed news junkie with an opinion on most things.

In the past year or so she has given motivational speeches, delivered presentations to professional groups on public perceptions and the challenging subject of how to deal with the media and facilitated book readings and science forums.

Previous experience

Awards: In twenty years of journalism Linda had covered seven elections and won awards in print, television and radio, including the Qantas Award for Best Current Affairs Story in 1992, the Qantas Award for Best News Reporting in 1994 and the Asia 2000 prize for journalism. She has held some of the most prestigious jobs in the media, including being TVNZ’s political editor for seven years.

TV: Linda worked initially in print, reporting for the Manawatu Evening Standard, the New Zealand Times, the Dominion and National Business Review. In 1990 she began working for Television New Zealand, firstly for the current affairs programme “Frontline”, then for One Network News.

Politics: In 1992 Linda became part of TVNZ’s team of political reporters. She became Political Editor in late 1993 and subsequently hosted various political or current affairs programmes. In 1999 Linda retired from her position at TVNZ to look for new challenges. This resulted in a move to Auckland and a brief stint as Editor of Grace magazine, until the magazine was unexpectedly closed down, and a return to television as host of Face the Nation.