Lucy Bloom

Change Maker, Momentum Creator


Lucy is an award-winning leader and speaker. She’s a change maker, exceptional communicator and business fixer with the best mohawk in the business.

Lucy led an advertising agency for 20 years before she became the CEO of a brand new women’s health organisation, funding a network of hospitals in Ethiopia.

She then went on to transform a Cambodian children’s charity as its first CEO.

She is the creator of the world’s first childbirth education program for men run in pubs all over Australia and she’s the first and only Aussie named in the world top 30 #socialceos.

Lucy’s top-selling memoir, Get the Girls Out, was published by HarperCollins in 2019 to rave reviews. You will find her challenging and entertaining in equal measure, with humour tied into a powerful business message, unique to your event.

Lucy Bloom is a rule breaker, idea maker and momentum creator.


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Doing Business Differently
Embracing Change
Everyday Courage
Love + Other Drugs
Turning Failure into Fortune
Resilience and Transformation
Leading with Kindness