Magnus Lindkvist

Trendspotter and futurologist.


Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotter and futurologist who weaves together the most important and exciting current trends to forecast what life, society and business might look like in the future. With a uniquely energetic speaking style, his talks are a multimedia-infused boost of intellectual inspiration about topics ranging from trendspotting and innovation to future-living and the business world of tomorrow.

Magnus leaves few senses unshaken in his keynote speeches. ‘With the intelligence of a scientist and the humour of a stand-up comedian’, as one listener remarked, ‘he takes you on a vivid journey that you never want to end.’ Using measurable macrotrends and applicable consumer insights, he paints a picture of tomorrow’s world, tailor-made to your particular area of expertise or industry.

Magnus’ speeches are a whirlwind of ideas and inspiration that will energise and intellectually refresh listeners using a mix of images, videos, sound and a world-class delivery of the spoken word.

Previous experience

Education: Magnus is a graduate of Stockholm School of Economics and UCLA School of Film, Television and Theatre and has made a career out of fusing the measurability and tangibility of the business world with the imaginative storytelling of Hollywood.

Founder: He founded his company Pattern Recognition in 2005 to help companies make sense (and money) out of the future.

Awards: In 2009, he won the coveted Business Speaker of the Year award in Sweden.

Creator: In 2008, he created the world’s first academically accredited course in Trendspotting and Future Thinking at Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. Magnus is a member of renowned conference TED.


Talking Points