Mark Tonelli

Teamwork makes teams work.


Skills are transferable. Olympic Gold medals and business successes do follow the same basic philosophies. Business “athletes” are better equipped and conditioned to compete in today’s market. Who better to book for your next function than a man who has succeeded at both!

Mark Tonelli is an expert at improving individual and team performance. He is a journalist, television presenter, elite coach, salesman, motivator and author with the publication of his first book due this year.

His many years in media broadcasting, real estate and communications, combined with his larrikin sense of humour, enable Mark to MC, present a powerful keynote address, an entertaining after-dinner speech, or a short talk guaranteed to be the highlight of your conference, dinner or evening.

Mark with his refreshing now approach is in great demand as a guest speaker, expressing his motivation and selling concepts to reach your personal “Gold”. During his riveting presentations Mark shows people how to change their outcomes in business. He turns people and teams around. His tips help his audiences perform better and have more fun along the way.

Previous experience
His credentials are impeccable.
He was Captain of the Australian Swim Team and is an Olympic, World and Commonwealth Champion with an Honours degree in Communications. As a commentator and competitor he has covered or raced in the last 8 Olympic Games plus reporting for Sky News at the Commonwealth Games and will be once again be on our television sets at this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing.

He knows how tenths of a second can change a lifetime and insists the difference between sport and business is attitude and he has plenty of it to share with his audiences.

Gold Gold Gold! That now classic Norman May broadcast call was originally for Mark and his team mates’ sensational against all odds Gold Medal winning victory at the turbulent 1980 Moscow Olympic Games.

He cleverly uses the international sports arena as a platform for very real lessons about succeeding in today’s tough business world, whether his presentation is for executives, managers, sales staff or anybody who needs to perform better in a team environment.

“All my material is original. It’s all based on research that I have done personally at elite levels in business and sport.”