Martin Hall

Black belt excellence.


Martin Hall’s most recent citation was from the World Taekwondo Headquarters in South Korea for being the ‘top ranked’ dojang out of 10,000 dojangs worldwide.

He is an 8th Dan Grand Master pioneer of Australian Taekwondo who competed internationally for Australia for 10 years and 20 years coaching Australian athletes. Many would see his coaching highlight as the 2000 Olympics when he produced half the AUS Olympic Team and his student, Lauren Burns won Gold. But bigger than that, to Martin, has been the successful creation 35 years ago and ongoing development of HALL’S TAEKWONDO Fitness with Meaning as a business with five full-time Centres, more than 50 staff and 2,000 students.

It is the Meaning behind the Fitness that has underpinned Martin’s massive influence on everyone he teaches, coaches and leads in business. He wants you to improve your team but says you must first add value to yourself before you can improve your team, be it a corporation, small business or your family. A healthy you is a healthy business.

Current Work

Martin passionately heads his instructor and management teams of 5 full-time HALL’S TAEKWONDO Centres innovating and creating taekwondo and fitness programs to attract and retain students of all ages from 4 to 64. The pillars of strength supporting the programs are health, mindset, relationships, performance.
Unlike the gym industry, known for its revolving door, the retention of students has been key to the success of Hall’s Taekwondo. It takes a good three years to earn a black belt and there is some magic involved in maintaining students’ interest through growth and development physically and mentally. He teaches people how to switch into peak performance in the moment, on demand. Importantly, he has mastered the methods of retention and consequent word of mouth recommendations.

He is invited by the corporate sector to teach the winning habits that have helped thousands of people to lose weight, build self-esteem, improve fitness and energy levels and reach personal and professional goals.
Martin will tailor a presentation to suit you. He does this with star quality energetic entertainment. He wears his traditional dobok, taekwondo uniform and with a modern-day twist combines action and attitude to inspire and motivate his audience towards blackbelt mindset.

Past Experience

From 1975 – Ten years undefeated Australian Featherweight Taekwondo Champion representing Australia Internationally winning two World Championship medals and one Asian Championship medal.
1984- Created Australia’s first full-time ‘Taekwondo only’ Centre trademarked HALL’S TAEKWONDO Fitness with Meaning.

From 1985 – Twenty years of International & National Taekwondo Coaching for Australia
2000 – Olympic Coach producing 4 of the 8 Taekwondo Olympic Team including Lauren Burns, Gold Medallist
2004 – Athens Olympics, Specialist Coach

From 1998 – Establishment of 4 more successful full-time Centres.

From 1998 – Hall’s Taekwondo Systems now creating business staffing, training, expansion, relationships and communications supporting 2000 students.

From 2000 – Corporate Speaking sector as the original martial arts keynote speaker influencing groups with winning habits for the creative collaborations necessary for successful individuals and businesses.

2017 & 2018 -Awards from Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters in South Korea acknowledging Hall’s Taekwondo as the top ranked dojang out of 10,000 world-wide.

Personal Life: Martin has been married to Jeanette, also a black belt, for 39 years and together, they have created and designed Hall’s Taekwondo.

They have three successful children one of whom is Tiffiny Hall who now has her own fitness empire TIFFXOand is one of Chris Hemsworth’s hand-picked experts on Centr

Martin’s personal passions apart from Taekwondo are family and surfing big waves all year round.


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Healthy You Healthy Business
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