Martin Lindstrom

Leading expert on business, brand, and culture transformation.


Martin Lindstrom is recognized as one of the world’s leading business, branding, and culture transformation experts. His cutting-edge research in behavioral psychology and his New York Times-bestselling books are reshaping how organizations approach innovation, culture, and business transformation.
Through unconventional thinking, Martin Lindstrom reveals how to getting closer to our customers by eliminating bureaucratic red tape, bad excuses, and corporate BS, whether we’re in the office or behind our screens.

Current Work

An eight-time New York Times best-selling author, Lindstrom’s books have sold 4.5 million copies and been translated Into 60 languages. His books include The Ministry of Common Sense, Buyology, and Small Data. TIME Magazine named Lindstrom “One of the World’s Most Influential People,” and Thinkers50 listed him one of the world’s top-20 business thinkers of 2021.

Martin is considered one of the world’s premier culture, branding, and business transformation experts. The Wall-Street Journal praised his book Brand Sense as “one of the five best marketing books ever published” and his book Small Data as “revolutionary.” TIME called his book Buyology “a breakthrough in communication.”

Previous experience

Accolades: Lindstrom is one of the foremost business minds of our day. TIME magazine named him one of the world’s 100 most influential people, and for the last six years, Thinkers50 has listed him among the world’s top business thinkers. His remarkable case studies are based on his extensive work for a Who’s Who of companies. In his popular presentations, Lindstrom shares (among many other topics) what it takes to transform commodity-driven organizations into thriving entrepreneurial businesses.

Author:Lindstrom’s numerous New York Times-bestselling books include Buyology and Brand Sense. His latest title, Small Data, describes the tiny clues that uncover big trends and explores how deep consumer insight can make or break an organization. His books have been translated into 48 languages and have sold more than a million copies worldwide. He has delivered keynote addresses to Google, the World Business Forum, KraftHeinz, Disney, Amazon, LEGO, and the World Economic Forum. Lindstrom is a co-producer and the host of NBC’s popular Mainstreet Makeover, an op-ed columnist for the New York Times, and a frequent contributor to Fast Company.


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