The electric string show.


Maske is the leading group in Australia, New Zealand and Asia performing classical pop music exclusively on Yamaha Silent Electric instruments. This show has been specially designed as a high impact spectacle of lights, costumes, glamour and intense musical virtuosity!

These highly trained performers are currently blitzing the corporate scene with their versions of the virtuoso classics. Their repertoire includes hot arrangements of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, Explosive, Samba and their own original classics.

Comprised of three classically-trained young female musicians, Maske focuses on providing a high-energy, impact classical-pop fusion experience for each and every client. With their Yamaha Silent Electric Instruments, virtuosity, lighting, good looks and glamour blend to form a group that leaves other corporate entertainment acts floundering in their wake.

The Electric String Trio Show sets are very flexible: they range in length from two minutes to 30 minutes.

Recent Maske clients include the World Meat Congress, IBM, EDS (America), Qld Reds, Westfield, St George Bank and LJ Hooker.