Matt Johns

An expert in executing winning strategies and compelling experiences


Matt Johns has extensive experience guiding and working with leadership groups throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Drawing on his unique experience, which includes as an intelligence operative in the UK Police, Matt has helped Executive teams and Boards bring clarity to their strategy; defining winning aspirations and making clear choices on where to play and how to win.

Current Work:

Having also acted as the Chief Strategy Officer at Deloitte, Matt is experienced at separating the important from the urgent. He coaches senior leaders, including CEO’s and Chairs on communication skills and how to inspire and engage employees.

Matt is passionate about deliberately designed experiences – for both customers and employees, and places significant value in understanding how people are feeling and thinking before designing targeted solutions. To achieve this, Matt has developed a unique methodology incorporating ethnography to understand people and their unique behaviours. This approach seeks to understand how emotions and motivations impact behaviour.


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Strategy - Making Clear Choices
High Performing Leadership
Communicating as a Leader
Customer Experience Design
Employee Experience Design