Michael Henderson

The corporate anthropologist.


Michael Henderson works internationally as a corporate anthropologist. He is a specialist in human values and high performance organisational culture.

Previous experience

Education: Michael has a degree in anthropology and has studied both traditional tribes and organisational cultures for over 30 years in many countries. As a result, he has come to truly understands what culture really is, how it forms, and the role it plays in driving organisational performance.

Creator: He is the creator and lead instructor of the Culture Planning Program which has been hailed as a world-class development program designed to enable organistions to understand culture and its link to organisational performance effectively enough to lead to the alignment of culture to the business strategy, to deliver high performance.

Recognition: His work in aligning workplace culture to business strategy has been recognised as pioneering, practical, fast and effective. He has written eight books the latest “Above the Line” is recognised as a powerful step change in lifting organisational culture to drive performance fulfil employees and delight customers.


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