Michael Pascoe

Respected and experienced finance and economics commentator.


With nearly five decades in journalism, Michael Pascoe is one of Australia’s most experienced and thoughtful finance and economics commentators, recognised by his peers with the Peter Ruehl Award for Outstanding Columnist at the 2022 Kennedy Awards.

In August 2022 he added another line to his CV – author – with the successful launch of The Summertime of Our Dreams. It’s not about economics or politics – well, maybe just a few paragraphs in passing.

Michael’s career has ranged from The Courier-Mail and South China Morning Post to the Australian Financial Review and Sydney Morning Herald, from Macquarie Radio to Channels 9, 7 and Sky.

Current Work:
He is now contributing editor for The New Daily and a regular commentator on radio and television, bringing perspective and rare humour to the “dismal science” and its collision with politics.


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