Michael Rowland

Co-Presenter, 'ABC News Breakfast'


Michael is the co-presenter of ABC News Breakfast on ABC-TV. A seasoned journalist and broadcaster, he has spent more than 25 years covering some of the biggest stories in Australia and around the world.

Michael draws on all of this experience in hosting News Breakfast, a show that involves everything from interviewing the Prime Minister to hamming it up with comedians.

He can bring to your event an engaging manner, dry wit and an unflappable calm born of presenting three and a half hours of live television every morning.

Previous experience

USA: As Washington correspondent, Michael reported on the 2008 presidential election in which Barack Obama made history. He also covered Hurricane Katrina, the trial of David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay, the Virginia Tech massacre and the Global Financial Crisis.

Politics: Michael is also an experienced political reporter, having worked in the federal, Victorian and NSW press galleries, and has had the character forming experience of jousting with leaders like Paul Keating and Jeff Kennett.

Finance: Michael has also spent many years covering business and finance, presented the ABC’s Inside Business program and has also served as Lateline‘s economics correspondent.

Other: Also in the mix was coverage of events including the New Delhi Commonwealth Games, the Bali bombing 10th anniversary, the Thredbo disaster and, for some light relief, assorted Royal tours. Michael has had a long involvement with the Melbourne Press Club, including a stint as its President.