Mike Morrison

Workplace mental resilience expert.


Mike Morrison made ads with Dustin Hoffman, Bob Geldof and John McEnroe, worked for billionaires and captains of industry.

He was a front of the plane, back of the car, walk in like a rockstar guy, and did this all the time utterly feeling morbid. As he says “How I look is not how I feel”.

Mike has some very clear and controversial ideas on why people are not rushing back into the office. He believes many people have resigned but employers are still paying them. The best staff perk? – “don’t be a jerk”.

Current Work:

In 2020 he wrote two “coffee break” books as he calls them, 15-20 min reads, The Anxiety Society and more recently Survival of the Mentally Un-fittest, post covid workplaces.

He believes that in order to promote resilience in the workplace you need to do a culture clean and take out the sharp objects so it gets traction and leads to lasting change.

An ocean racing sailor and great storyteller, Mike writes original pieces for his speaking clients, who have included, Vittoria Coffee, AMP Capital, PwC, Coles, GPT, NRL, Exchange 2020, McGrath, and Hyundai.