Mike Rolls

Resilience expert, double amputee.


Adversity is a part of life, it’s not a question of if you will face challenges, only a question of when.

The real question is, how will you respond when significant challenges comes along?

Mike Rolls was faced with life-changing trauma at the age of 18 when he contracted the deadly Meningococcal disease. Mike suffered catastrophic injuries and faced an incredibly difficult journey ahead. A journey he slowly learned to embrace, grow from, and eventually use to help and inspire others to step up to life’s inevitable challenges.

Mike Rolls teaches people how to STAND TALL in the face of adversity. He brings a fresh voice to the field of resilience, arming people with a proven system of thinking and acting that allows them to quickly overcome even the most challenging of personal and professional obstacles.

Considered one of the most dynamic and relevant speakers in Australia, Mike gives organisations the strategies and confidence they need to face the challenges of business with a new sense of optimism and understanding.

Current work

With a background in the Health Industry, Mike is a qualified Counsellor and a highly-skilled communicator. He offers a range of solutions from one-on-one consulting to the full leadership and team development programs. Whether dealing with personal trauma or managing a difficult change process, Mike has a full range of tailored solutions available.

Previous Experience

Author: Mike’s book, Ditch the Dead Weight talks about how to let go of the stuff that is holding you back from fulfilling your potential. Practical, humorous and inspiring, Mike shares his incredible story and offers a refreshing alternative to dealing with the challenges life throws at us.


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