Moira Kelly

International humanitarian.


Moira is truly one of a kind, a rare breed of person who has devoted her life to the service of others – mainly sick children from third world countries.

She was just eight years old when she watched a documentary at school about the life and work of the late Mother Theresa. Arriving home, she vowed to her mother that one day, she would work with the Calcutta saint. Many years later, Moira did indeed work with the celebrated nun and it was then the seeds of her own personal philosophy were sown. ‘Wherever there is the greatest evil, the greatest good can be achieved.’ Coupled with her own inner determination, the lessons Moira learned from the diminutive sister set the foundation for a lifetime of charity work.

Many regard Moira Kelly as saint-like. She would not agree but believes she is just trying to make a difference and help those less fortunate.

At least two heart moving and award-winning documentaries have been made on Moira’s work
A Compassionate Rage about her work in Albania and Brothers in Arms about two little Iraqi boys without proper arms or legs she rescued from an orphanage in Baghdad.

Moira Kelly was a founder of The Children First Foundation, which was established in July 1999 to support Moira’s humanitarian work.

In February 2004, Moira created Global Gardens of Peace during a medical rescue mission to Gaza. Global Gardens of Peace is an initiative where gardens and playgrounds will be globally funded, created and delivered for post war, conflict and underprivileged communities.

In a world crying out for meaning and inspiration, her raw passion and authentic style is riveting