Mr. Jaemin Frazer

Founder of the Insecurity Project


Jaemin Frazer is a dynamic speaker who skilfully blends a lifetime of experience in leadership and coaching with his passion for human behavioural science and peak performance.

His pragmatic and direct approach to vulnerable subjects about mental health and wellbeing are a breath of fresh air and his work is known for producing lasting results. With over 15,000 coaching hours under his belt, he is able to draw from a deep and rich source of lived experience, helping ambitious people improve the quality of their life in the areas that matter most.

Previous Experience:

Jaemin has worked with companies such as Westpac, ANZ, Dent Global, RSM, Southern, Region Business Enterprise Centre, Liebke and Co, The Australian Institute of Project Management and Empower Wealth. His work has been featured in The Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Body and Soul magazine, The CEO magazine, The ABC, New Idea, Maxim, Mindfood and WHO Weekly.


Talking Points
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