Ms. Mandy Dante

Empowering Teenage Girls to Become Unstoppable Women


Mandy Dante is the CEO & Founder of Flourish Girl. Flourish Girl is a preventative mental health program for teenage girls. They currently deliver their programs in schools and run mother-daughter programs across Australia. Mandy is an ex-speech pathologist, TEDx Speaker, Model and Australian Accredited Facilitator.

Current Work:

Mandy is the first senior female facilitator at The Rites of Passage Institute and paved the way for their school programs for teenage girls.

Mandy has recently been awarded as Pro Bono Australia 2022 Impact 25 Winner, a 7 News Young Achievers Award Finalist for the leadership category and Top 20 Australia’s Stellar South Asian Women Award by the Australian South Asian Center. She is also 2018’s Young Social Pioneer from The Foundations for Young Australians;

She worked alongside leading youth experts such as Hunter Johnson and Dr Arne Rubinstein and within youth-led organisations such as Game Changers Australia and Little Dreamers Australia. Mandy has worked with over 2000 young people across Australia to educate and provide preventative mental health tools for their current and future emotional wellbeing.

Mandy also recently became a model to bring more cultural diversity into the industry. She hopes to use it as a platform to empower girls, to champion a new way of looking at beauty: basing your beauty on your values rather than your physical appearance. She has become the face of big brands including Supre and Modibodi.

Previous Experience:

Speech Pathology: Mandy’s passion originated from being a speech pathologist, where she empowered children with a range of communication disorders to find their voice. Towards the end of 2016, Mandy found that the rate of depression, anxiety and eating disorders amongst teenage girls was on a rise. It was in that moment that she found herself shifting her passion and focus toward giving teenage girls a voice and space to become all they can be.


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