Ms. Yasmin London

Cyber Safety & Digital Wellbeing Expert


Yasmin London is a communication powerhouse that empowers people by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to ensure technology enhances their modern-day lives, rather than detracts from it.

As an ex-World Champion athlete, Police Officer and now Director of ySafe, Australia’s largest provider of online safety education, Yasmin has built a team that empowers over 1 million young Australians and their communities to take control of their digital journey.

Current Work:

With 13 years of coalface experience in the NSW Police Force combined with a television presenting background, Yasmin delivers powerful, innovative online safety education experiences for corporations including Johnson & Johnson, Lendlease, Telstra, Citibank and the University of Sydney.

Aside from famously going “viral” as Australia’s ‘Dancing Cop’, she’s also written for Kidspot, appears on Channel 9’s Today and Weekend Today Shows, Channel 7’s The Morning Show and is a regular commentator on education and parenting podcasts globally, where she provides practical and realistic advice on kids online safety, empowerment and positive technology management.


Talking Points
#DigitalSafeguarding: Elevating Digital Wellbeing for young people through community empowerment
#RealTalk Social Media, Games & Online Safety - Managing Kids in the Digital World
#SociallyEngineered Optimising Cybersecurity & Wellbeing
#ReadyPlayerOne Managing Gaming & Screen Time - Empowering young people to slay the digital world
#theAttentionEconomy Equipping young people against Digital Distractions
#EmpoweredEducation Adopting a school wide approach for dynamic Digital Citizenship
Topic Specific Sessions or Blends
Harnessing the Power of Courageous Conversations
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