Neer Korn

Social trends expert and commentator.


Neer Korn is an expert on Australian people. He has been studying social trends and consumer insights for major brands such as Nestlé, ABC and Sanitarium for 20 years. He has documented Australian attitudes in extraordinary detail and has unparalleled insight into Australian culture. Neer has written over 120 large scale reports on Australian society of people aged 7 to 70. Neer is an expert advisor to Australia’s leading blue chip companies such as AMP, as well as government departments and not-for-profits. Filled with learnings, ideas and provocations, Neer’s presentations are highly entertaining and innately interesting.

Neer provides fun and comprehensive analysis for conferences and corporate events encompassing all spheres of life including: careers, leisure, shopping, health, nutrition and wellbeing, finance, politics, media and new media, happiness, dreams and aspirations.

Neer’s writing and commentaries are published nationally and he is frequently interviewed for press, radio and television. He is the author of two non-fiction titles: Shades of Belonging: Conversation with Australian Jews (HarperCollins Religious) which examined the attitudes of religion, and Life Behind Bars: Conversations with Violent Male Inmates (New Holland) based on three years of interviews at Sydney’s Long Bay Prison Complex.