Nic Feteris

Taking the plunge.


Nic Feteris helps teams make big jumps, to the next level, somewhere new, or just forward.

Current experience:
Nic’s professional background is in advertising. He held positions ranging from Sales Executive to Publisher for major media. Along the way he formed Jump, a media and marketing agency that is his corporate presence today.

Nic speaks about how BASE jumpers, mountaineers and other extreme adventurers think, why they do what they do, what makes them responsible, and how anyone can launch into uncertain territory more assuredly with the same approach.

Previous experience:
His jumping credentials include parachuting from great heights: mountains, in the pioneering days before BASE jumping was a recognised sport; monuments, like the Statue of Liberty, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and for a Mission:Impossible film; buildings, like the former World Trade Centre in New York; and hot air balloons as high as 36,600 feet. A career highlight was producing a documentary about making ‘the world’s highest BASE jump’. In 2004 National Geographic rated footage of that jump – from the 20,600-foot-high Great Trango Towers in Pakistan – their most ‘amazing moment’ on film.


Talking Points
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