Nic Frances

World leader in social enterprise.


A former stockbroker, Nic left London at the height of the 1980s boom for Liverpool where he built the Furniture Resource Centre into a leading social enterprise. His work to provide assistance and employment opportunities to vulnerable people was acknowledged when he was awarded the MBE.

Current work

Nic is a frequent speaker on prestigious international platforms. He was one of the first 30 Schwab social entrepreneurs and is currently supporting several new projects in the arts, design and social media.

Previous experience

Priest: Nic was ordained as an Anglican priest in 1996. In 1998, he emigrated from the UK to Australia. There, he led the Brotherhood of St Laurence, a leader in the fight against poverty, to 2004. His work earned him an Australian Centenary Medal. In 2004 Nic co-founded Easy Being Green to focus on residential energy efficiency in Australia.

NRG: Cool NRG was established by Nic in 2007, to take residential energy efficiency campaigns globally. Since 2007 Cool NRG has delivered over 20 million energy saving light bulbs to households saving over US$823 million in energy costs. Working with governments, World Bank, UNFCCC, several global financial institutions and some of Europe’s leading companies, Cool NRG established the world’s first programmatic CDM. Programmatic CDM is seen as the best opportunity to take UN Carbon Credits to the least developed countries around the world. Cool NRG is helping companies develop these credits in renewables, commercial and domestic energy efficiency.

Author: His book, The End Of Charity, is published by Allen & Unwin.


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