Nicholas Tweedy

The magic that inspires.


As a mentalist, Nicholas Tweedy is a mind-blowing entertainer, who blurs the lines between reality and impossibility.

Dazzling audiences around the globe, Nick has performed for audiences of all sizes and venues, from private corporate events to the largest stages in Vegas. Audience members both young and old are captivated and amazed by his performances. People just cannot get enough of him, coming back again and again to see him perform and to show their friends. His performances include acts such as levitation, mentalism, illusion and much more!

Nick draws upon the ancient art of mentalism, which he crafted while in Japan for over a decade, learning from a Japanese mentalist. As the protégé of this master, Nick learned to create incredible illusions, including levitation, psycho-kinetic energy manipulation, as well as mind reading.

Attendees are blown away by his performances. Early in his show Nicholas explains that he is a mentalist rather than a magician. By the end of the evening, the audience is in no doubt that they have seen a performance that soars far beyond the standard set of magic tricks. Nicholas swiftly develops a bond with the audience, drawing them in with a succession of increasingly jaw-dropping demonstrations of levitation, mind-reading and transformation of matter using the power of thought.

Even the media find him incredible: “Tweedy travels the world, charming everyone from small corporate groups to Las Vegas nightclub audiences with a show that is friendly, funny and truly amazing. We sat down the front and concentrated hard, but he got us every time and by the fork finale the crowd was screaming with disbelief. Unbelievable.” – The Independent Weekly

With unique style and charm, Nick is a natural entertainer. Whether a corporate function, conference or annual event, his fantastic entertainment makes for a truly memorable event.


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