Nicola Barr

AFLW Player


Born in Melbourne but having spent her primary and early secondary years living in various locations around the world, GWS Giants player Nicola Barr used sport as a way of meeting people and making friends.

Being educated in international schools, she grew up exposed to a wide variety of individual and team sports, including soccer, which she played at a high level in her teenage years. She learnt strong resilience skills, adapting and interacting well with different people as she navigated new cultures and established friendships.

Current Work:

Nicola found it quite daunting and isolating moving to the ‘foreign’ city of Sydney in her mid-teens and used sport as a way to connect to people and gain a sense of community. She felt she’d hit her peak soccer development when AFL came into her athletic life.

Never having played before, Nicola absolutely loved Australian Rules and the skill involved, finding it a fun and dynamic game to get involved in, which in turn led on to a now professional career in AFLW.

A naturally curious person, Nicola is focused on self-exploration and loves challenging herself to learn new skills, with a wide variety of experiences outside of her athletic identity. She holds a Bachelor of Medical Science, has lived and worked overseas playing and coaching for the AFL in Europe and is a passionate cyclist, a love born from family cycling trips when very young.

Nicola is conscious of making a small, sustainable impact on the world and tries to practise this in her everyday life. She enjoys and thrives on being in unfamiliar situations and meeting new people, always looking to make others feel welcome and comfortable.

Nicola is an advocate for positive mental health, finding calm and joy in being in the ocean and out in the open, thinking there is nothing better than exploring the world on her bike, and has completed numerous cycling tours throughout country NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania.

Her physical future will be one that involves becoming a better surfer and, potentially, a foray into road cycling and triathlons!


Talking Points
Cultural diversity & inclusion
Positive mental health