Nigel Brennan

The price of life.


Nigel Brennan is most recognized for surviving a fifteen-month hostage ordeal in Somalia between 2008-2009. Many people have commented on Nigel’s strength of character during this personal experience. His story not only illustrates the power of the mind and the strength of the human spirit but the virtue of forgiveness.

Current work

Consultancy: Nigel has established himself over the last 10 years as a consultant, specializing in extortion response, international risk management and emergency management. Nigel works for Schillings in London to mitigate and negotiate risks for individuals, international corporations and government agencies.

Media: Nigel has worked with the ABC, Channel Nine and SBS as a social commentator. He has also work with international news organizations, including Reuters, preparing, training and mitigating risk of foreign correspondents that operate in remote and hostile environments.

Author: Nigel is the author of the best selling book The Price of Life – a true story of kidnap for ransom.


Talking Points
The Price of Life: What Can We Achieved When Called Upon?