Nigel Collin

Founder and CEO, Ingenious Oz Project.


Nigel Collin is a change and change leadership expert. He helps organisations and their people embrace change and act on it every day. This requires a shift in mindset that change is all about consistent small steps and structuring a process for that to occur. It is when people take ownership of change that excellence thrives.

Nigel has a passion for understanding why businesses and organisations are successful. As founder of ‘Ingenious Oz Project’ and author of ‘Game of Inches’, Nigel has discovered that the only way for change to succeed in any organization is via a proven framework and process.

Having researched and interviews of 100’s successful businesses and leaders he distilled their actions and behaviours into ‘Game of Inches’ process. The heart of which is that effective change is made up of small achievable steps rather than any one-off single event. The ‘Game of Inches’ has now been shared throughout Australia, NZ, USA, and Canada.

Current Work:

Nigel is a CSP (Certified Professional Speaker) the highest accreditation Internationally. In 2017 he was awarded outstanding contribution to Meetings and Events Australia and is an Associate fellow of Meetings Events Australia (AFEMA). He is an alumnus of the Disney Institute, a Ted-Xer, and author of three books, (with a fourth on the way).

Over the past two decades, Nigel has worked Internationally with C-Suite executives, Ministers of Parliament and entrepreneurs in both public and private sectors. As an international speaker, he has presented to organisations in industries including IT, Franchise, Events, Marketing, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Telecommunications.

Through Nigel’s ability as a storyteller, your audience will walk away inspired with actionable ideas they can implement immediately back in the workplace.

Previous Experience:

Business: Nigel started his first business at the age of 20 and sold it at 21. He then went on to build one of Australia’s largest creative entertainment design companies within the Business Events Arena.

Research: In 2013, armed with a video camera, Nigel set off on an initiative, solo on his motorbike, to discover ingenious Australians and share their stories. Through his research arm ‘Ingenious Oz Project’, Nigel travels Australia finds the most ingenious business and professional success stories, takes out the key learnings and presents them back to your audience.

The Game of Inches process emerged from this unique research and seeing patterns in what successful people and organizations do and how they do it.


Talking Points
Embracing Change is a Game of Inches.
Innovation is a Game of Inches
The Mindset of Change