Nigel Marsh

Author, CEO and entrepreneur.


Nigel Marsh is best known for his creative pursuits. He is the author of three books – Fat, Forty and Fired (Random House, 2007), Overworked and Underlaid (Allen & Unwin, 2009) and Fit, Fifty and Fired-Up (Allen and Unwin, 2012) – he is also the co-founder of Earth Hour, creator and host of critically acclaimed Podcast The Five Of My Life, and is the founder of the Sydney Skinny. His first book is currently being developed into a major TV series in America.

Current work

The other side to Nigel is his 25 year career in branding and marketing. Over that time Nigel has worked with a huge variety of organisations, from the highest profile companies – McDonalds, Canon, Pepsi, P&G, Virgin, Mars, Fiat, Colgate – to national governments to local enterprises. Whether dealing with big business issues or social engineering – AIDS, Drink Driving, Smoking or Climate Change – Nigel has produced and managed campaigns to address almost every challenge imaginable. This experience has given him strong views on effective marketing and, in particular, effective leadership and team building. As Regional Group CEO of Y&R Brands ANZ, he is responsible for over 1000 staff, 36 offices and iconic brands such as George Patterson and The Campaign Palace. During his previous role as CEO of Leo Burnett, the company won the industry’s coveted Agency of the Year award not once, but twice.

In high demand as a public speaker and professional MC, Nigel travels the globe, regularly giving speeches to major corporations on both his business and personal views. His TED speech on work/life balance remains the most viewed ever given outside America, with over 4 million views.

In addition to his role as a speaker and author, Nigel personally consults to a select group of leading CEOs, is Special Advisor to the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation and is CEO of strategic consultancy WEST82nd.