Nigel Phair

Trust, technology and online crime


Nigel Phair is one of Australia’s most influential analysts on the intersection of technology, crime and society.

Nigel has strong professional, government and community links and well-established national and international networks. He is a sought after commentator, advisor and strategist who focuses on technology and business disruption.

As an engaging and passionate speaker, Nigel is relatable across a broad variety of audiences and technology related topics. He draws upon his experience in law enforcement, consulting and academia. Nigel’s talks make this topic enjoyable, entertaining and interesting, without involving too much jargon, to make this sometimes complicated subject accessible to a wider audience.

Current work

He is founder and managing director of a technology ‘start up’ company and has chaired a number of not-for-profit organisations.

Previous experience

Author: Adjunct Professor Phair has published three acclaimed books on the international impact of cybercrime, is a regular media commentator and provides executive and board advice on strategy, risk & governance of technology.

Police: In a 21 year career with the Australian Federal Police he achieved the rank of Detective Superintendent and headed up investigations at the Australian High Tech Crime Centre for four years.


Talking Points
Cyber Security
Trust, Safety and Confidence in the Online World
Emerging Trends in Technology and Threat Landscape