Nkosana Mafico

Changemaker advancing humanity through business.


Nkosana’s mission is to advance humanity through business.

Drawing on his industry and academic knowledge, Nkosana is a non-executive director with experience across the private, government and non-profit sectors, in a statutory and advisory board capacity. He currently serves as an Advisory Council Member for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and as a Board Director for the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community in Australia.

An accomplished keynote speaker, Nkosana presented at the 2018 Commonwealth Games Trade and Investment Conference and at Oxfam Australia’s “How do we make change happen in a post-truth world?” forum. He also presented at TEDxUQ with a talk titled, “The Phenomenal Mindset of Africa’s Future Leaders”.

Current work

At present, he is a PhD scholar and course facilitator at the University of Queensland, where he graduated with First Class Honours in Business Management and as Valedictorian of the Business School. As a researcher, Nkosana explores how individuals and organisations operate when they are exposed to multiple opposing ideas at the same time. His research has implications for institutional decision-making, sustainable investing, and social entrepreneurship.

Previous experience

Founder: Outside of academia, Nkosana has co-founded and served as CEO of a Telstra funded software company. He also founded CYALA – the Council for Young Africans Living Abroad, and for 3 years, was managing director. In recognition of his entrepreneurial work, in 2018, the Queensland Government named Nkosana Outstanding Young Achiever of the Year for fostering social cohesion through entrepreneurship.


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