OAM. Melissa Doyle

One of television’s best known faces.


Melissa Doyle is one of television’s best known faces. As host of Australia’s Number One breakfast television program, SUNRISE she has become a familiar part of waking up for many families.

Her fresh faced approach to life, her accessibility as a working mother and her affinity with viewers have endeared her to everyone.

Current work

As a qualified journalist Melissa honed her skills in regional television before progressing to be a News Presenter and political reporter in Canberra. SUNRISE beckoned, and along with David Koch and a team of talented people led by Executive Producer Adam Boland, their program became the market leader.

Australia watched as Melissa shared her second pregnancy with Sunrise’s loyal viewers. “Noodles” as the baby came to be known was a common theme throughout 2003 and Melissa’s role as mother to Nicholas and Talia was on show for the world.