Omer Soker

Building trust, purpose and ethical leadership.


Omer Soker is the CEO of The Ethics of Success Corporation, a consultancy on navigating organisations into the future. He advises association, nonprofit and business leaders on how to transform disruption into innovation and create purposeful connections.

As a keynote speaker and strategist, Omer has a track record of delivering transformational success for nonprofit organisations and corporates. He has held senior general management roles with global multinationals Reed Elsevier and Thomson Reuters, and successfully transformed two companies with change management remits, and led a major industry association as CEO.

What sets Omer apart is his focus on purpose, trust and authenticity. Omer champions these primary virtues to connect meaningfully with audiences in a uniquely powerful way. His extensive pre-work and research ensures that every keynote is a bespoke presentation exclusively to meet his clients’ needs with real impact, measurable solutions and positive change.

Omer has delivered keynotes in front of audiences of a thousand delegates. His presentations leave audiences inspired and committed to take action – in transforming the way they do business, and run their organisations. Omer also facilitates strategy workshops and board strategy meetings as well as staff training and engagement workshops.

His expertise spans the events, publishing, media, enterprise software, e-commerce, digital technology, conferences, banking, finance, grocery, consumer goods, travel, hotels, resorts, shipping, communications, real estate, motoring, retail and wholesale sectors – as well as association management and nonprofit organisational leadership.

Previous experience

Author : Omer is the author of two leadership books The Trust Future and The Future of Associations.

The Trust Future : Omer’s book The Trust Future is a business case for how fearless ethical decision-making creates both power and trust in 21st century commerce. Omer’s keynote challenges conventional stereotypes to present business ethics as a competitive advantage in the trust economy, with a fresh and compelling vision on why it is good for business now and into the future.

The Future of Associations : Omer’s book The Future of Associations is a 6-step roadmap to progress, change and influence for nonprofit membership organisations. Omer’s keynote is a wake-up call that associations are being disrupted, competition is increasing, member expectations are growing and government policy is changing. Omer explores a 6-step roadmap encompassing disruption, mission, governance, external strategy, internal alignment and future focus.


Talking Points
The Trust Future: How business ethics will dictate employee success, company performance and stakeholder value
Employee Success: Accessing the four fountains of success - what you want externally, what you need internally, what you're willing to do and what you're not willing to compromise
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