Opera By Disguise

Surprising and hugely entertaining opera.


Opera By Disguise continues to amuse, inspire and literally bring people to their feet, everywhere they perform around the world. The secret to the show’s success – a winning combination of surprise and audience interaction.

Based on the clever premise of a Guest Speaker and his Beautiful Wife discreetly hoaxing at an event as special guests, the plot thickens as another “plant” – an Average Joe – settles in with an unassuming audience…

Addressing the guests, our Speaker remarkably breaks into song before his Wife is encouraged to take to the stage, joining him to perform a magnificent aria.

In a comedic twist, an Average Joe bursts from his place in the crowd to enter the fray. Tenor, Soprano and Baritone now come together building to a spectacular classical finale!

For hundreds of local and international clients – again and again Opera by Disguise is invited back to give audiences a taste of classical and contemporary music… with a twist!