Paul Spinks

Are we micro managing ourselves sick or well?


Driven by a desire to change public perception around the growing impacts of mental and physical health and how we as a society are micro-managing ourselves sick, Paul is regularly called upon as a professional speaker to talk about these important issues.

Paul’s experience in the field of mental health is unquestioned, with his background as a paramedic and trauma counsellor helping him to build trust with his audience and adding great weight to the message he delivers.

Companies often engage keynote speakers and trainers to deliver seminars to raise awareness and inspire, but way too often the message only hangs around for a few days, maybe some weeks before old habits prevail. What if we could change that status quo?

“1 in 2 are depressed”
“Suicide is the leading cause of death between 15 and 44”
“50 million mind altering prescriptions filled in Australia last year just to get through the day,”

Is it time we are all engaged at a different level? You will be shocked to learn how cracks form in your mental and physical health and why we must try new approaches to maximise both staff and our home performance. Placing layers of surface level concepts on how to better behave and perform may only lead to reduced outcomes.

If we are to make any impact on our health and wellbeing and our life satisfaction at home and in the work place, we must firstly take ownership of ourselves. We seem to spend years studying everything and everybody else rather than ourselves. I always say to people, if only everybody could spend a week ride along in an Ambulance, it would change the way they do business forever. This presentation just might be the next best thing!


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