Paula Constant

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.


Paula Constant walked over 12000 km through eight countries between 2004 and 2007, including two years walking through the Sahara with her own camel train. She walked without vehicular support and used only local nomadic guides, planning, conceiving and executing the expedition solo apart from local assistance. Her expedition remains the longest of its kind solely on foot through the Sahara by a woman alone. The two books she wrote about her journey, Slow Journey South and Sahara, are published by Random House in Australia and have also been released in India.

Paula has pursued a variety of different roles since leaving the desert, living abroad in Spain and England for some time before returning to Australia. Her chief goal has been to write historical fiction, which she now does whilst also working in the mining industry in the Pilbara.

Current work

Paula speaks to audiences of all ages and interests, focussing primarily on the internal journey we all face in manifesting our own personal definition of success. Her talks are structured around the concept of taking a dream from vision to reality, and give a practical roadmap for doing just that.

Previous experience

Paula was a school teacher for both primary and secondary students, in Australia, England, and Spain. She speaks passable Spanish, bad French, and terrible Arabic. Since the walk she has been, at various times: a yoga teacher; tourist guide; freelance writer; small business owner; personal coach; minesite cleaner; mining camp manager; and, currently, a geologist’s assistant. She continues to walk long distances when she can.


Talking Points
The Power of Enough
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