Penny Burke

Marketing and advertising guru.


Penny Burke is an accomplished public speaker who has worked in the field of marketing and advertising for over 20 years, notably on such iconic advertising campaigns as the ‘Pro Hart Stainmaster Carpet’, ‘Uncle Tobys’ and ‘Milk. Legendary Stuff’. She holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing), is a full member of the Australian Social and Market Research Society and sits on the Board of Kennards Hire, a privately owned tool hire company.

Penny’s marketing experience across a range of sectors, from traditional packaged goods to social marketing, services to retail, has led her to be a true thought leader and an expert in commitment. Penny’s keynote addresses have inspired new ways of thinking across many levels of management. Delivered at both public and in-house conferences, Penny’s message raises awareness about building greater commitment, which she believes to be the single most critical success aspect for any marketer, whether it be commitment to behave in a particular fashion, commitment from employees to a workplace, or commitment to buy a given product or use a certain service. Creating opportunities for people to commit is the focus of Penny’s message.

Current work

Penny has recently published her first book on this very topic, titled Forced Focus – the essence of attracting and retaining the best people.

Penny is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Her addresses are entertaining and provocative, and tailor made for each individual client. Whether she’s talking about general marketing and consumer trends, generational trends, or employer branding and how to attract and retain a committed base of employees, Penny delivers a message that leaves audiences feeling empowered and inspired.


Talking Points