Pete Jeans

Ideate. Disrupt. Build Trust. Stamp your character on the market.


A thought-leader well-ahead of the pack, Pete Jeans entertains and educates audiences with stories that pragmatically illustrate how you can develop success in business and your personal career growth.

Author of the ebook The Art of Strategic Marketing War – Pearls of Wardom, available on Amazon now, Pete truly delivers insight and take-aways you can embed in your organisation tomorrow to address persistent strategic challenges.

He’s an ideas man, mentor and presenter across more than 30 industry sectors in the APAC region.

Current work:

Pete Jeans calls himself Head of Customer Trust at strategic advisor IDEAgenda. He sets out to tame the intractable business and organisational challenges that persistently challenge us.

Peter is a Facilitator at the Australian Institute of Management MBA School of Business; and sessional lecturer at Charles Sturt University School of Business; so he’s very well credentialled and is highly experienced in engaging audiences and delivering value. He’s currently also heading a high-profile team exploring new opportunities in Australian businesses.

He’s a Director at SMO responsible for more than 29 years of customer success in complex and difficult project leadership across the Asia-Pac region; delivering more than $100M of top and bottom-line growth.

Previous experience:

His best skills are engagement and creating value for his audiences that they can take-away and implement immediately.

He is a storyteller and has entertained audiences for a long time simply by illustrating the essence of best-practice; mixed with a dry sense of humour that people get.

Speaking engagements have been wide and frequent; from industry association MC roles to regional development keynotes to educational webinars to corporate product launches to private forum facilitation to community engagement.


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