Peter Blasina

The Gadget Guy.


As Australia’s trusted Gadget Guy, Peter Blasina has been demystifying and explaining technology to consumers for more than 25 years.

The Gadget Guy is a regular technology commentator on a broad range of TV and radio stations nationally. Over the past few years Peter has been invited to be an Ambassador for a number of consumer technologies, such as Blu-ray, Digital Radio, Cyber Safety, and the NBN.

Peter’s popular Gadget Guy website has become a valuable resource for the tens of thousands of consumers who visit the site when they are researching a broad range of technology products prior to purchase. Peter contributes a daily blog to the site and presents a wide range of product reviews and updates on the site’s popular Gadget Guy TV channel.

Peter writes and speaks extensively on the rapidly changing landscape of technological innovation and change, defining its impact on business and consumers. In addition, he reviews and analyses a broad range of communications, computer, video, multimedia, entertainment and lifestyle products.