Peter Dempsey

A walking, talking miracle.


Peter Dempsey is a remarkable young man who has been forced to overcome incredible adversity. He is by anyone’s definition a walking, talking miracle.

Not expected to live beyond his 5th birthday by doctors, Peter has faced more physical, mental and emotional challenges than most. His remarkable story of resilience and courage has inspired audiences of all ages to adopt his never give up attitude and to face the challenges of life with a new resolve and inner belief in their own abilities.

Peter’s ability to defy the impossible time and time again has been transformed into an inspiring mantra that’s being used by his clients and fans (I’m Possible of Anything).

If you are looking to inspire your team, create a more positive and supportive culture, help people overcome adversity, or simply motivate your people to fulfil their potential, then Peter’s story is sure to deliver.

Peter speaks regularly to companies and schools help people varying stages of life to find their own unique super power and find the resilience necessary to win in a hypercompetitive world.


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