Peter Hughes

The Spirit of Bali.


Peter Hughes was the man whose swollen and blistered face we saw on television during the shocking first hours of the news coverage from Bali. He literally took our breath away when we heard him quietly tell rescuers he was okay and to help those worse off than him. Looking at him, we could see that he was badly injured himself. And indeed he was. Later he lapsed into a month-long coma during which he died three ties and had to be revived.

Current work
Back from the Dead is a gripping and personal account
of the day terrorism cast its deadly shadow on Australia as told by the man who became the human face of the victims, a reluctant and accidental hero who did what he knew best: never give up hope.

This is the unforgettable story of the unimaginable – the day we lost our innocence. It seemed in the aftermath of the tragedy that almost everyone knew one of the victims or knew someone who did. We are all connected somehow…It is also a testament to courage, mateship and the remarkable resilience of the human spirit to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.