Phillip Smallman

Changing workplace safety attitudes.


Phillip Smallman could have lost his life as a result of a workplace accident. He didn’t – but will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. One small lapse in concentration and his world came crashing down. He is now a paraplegic.

Phillip Smallman is unique. He is a professional speaker on a mission. In two powerful hours, Phillip will change attitudes towards workplace safety.

Most Australian companies have been very progressive in improving our workplaces over the last two decades. The final hurdle is personal accountability and commitment from each individual to build a sustainable safety culture.

Phillip Smallman is on a mission to help individuals, no matter what their role in the company to understand why it’s important to contribute to a safe culture.

Workplace safety, as you know, isn’t just all about saving lives. It’s about preventing injury and the trauma that means for workers, their family, workmates and the company.

Phillip Smallman is having a powerful effect and bringing about big changes in workplace attitudes towards safety. This is being reflected by a change in behaviour by workers, both towards their fellow workers and towards management.


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